Our Smart Home service provides you with everything that is needed to take your home into the future.

Why not embrace innovative technologies and make your home future-ready now?

Our Smart Homes are equipped with the latest in touch, sensory and voice-activated systems that let your appliances talk to you and each other, so that you don’t need to do anything!

Our total, or even partial, home automation products can free up your busy lifestyle by automating some of this tedious tasks.

Get future ready

We live in a fast, evolving world where technology has helped us live a more convenient and stress-free lifestyle.

Equipping a home with even some basic smart technologies will allow a home to be more efficient, time-saving and organised. Never forget a thing again!

Let your home take care of itself. Here’s a glimpse of what your Smart Home can do: secure and protect your home, reduce utility expenditure by turning off lights, feeding pets, watering gardens, reminding us of daily tasks, and placing our shopping orders. The possibilities are endless!

Simply your life

Running a Smart Home will give your life a clearer focus and allow you to have more stress-free time.

With so many of us leading busy lifestyles with work, family, our social lives and sporting commitments, create a home that supports you.

Free up your Time

Time has become our most valuable commodity in today’s world.

With a fully equipped Smart Home you could potentially save hours each week to spend with others or on doing things you love.

A central operating system can control all of the following:

  • Automatic Gates and Garage Doors
  • Lighting, Energy and Appliance Control
  • Climate and Window Shutter Control
  • Data / Wireless / Fibre Optic, CCTV and Monitored Home Security
  • Garden and Pool Maintenance
  • Animal Feeding and Plant Watering Systems
  • Centralised Sound, Audio Visual and Internet Control Management
  • Panic Rooms

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We can also tailor and customise a package to suit your lifestyle.

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