An increasingly popular way to save money on the sale of your property is to consider a ‘sale by owner arrangement’.

Selling can be quite a headache and can result in more trouble than it is worth. Our Owner-Sell service will offer all the tools and services needed to help sell your home with maximum exposure to interested, and qualified prospective buyers and investors, all with the aiming of maximising your return.

We offer the necessary legal kits, online and offline marketing services and materials, recent local area sales reports, a local Real Estate Advocate and several other professional services.

As Melbourne’s most unique property services company, we offer you this high level of service, making the whole process easy for you from start to finish.

Our advocacy services are offered to buyers and sellers alike.

Save thousands of dollars

Why throw away your hard earned money?

You’ve already most probably parted with tens of thousands of dollars in bank interest repayments and charges.

In order to help you reduce the unnecessary spend and maximise on your property sale return, we are here to help you with all the necessary tools and direction.

Remember, you are also more than likely looking to get back into the property market at some point with either up or down sizing.


Sell on your terms

It is a fact, that many Real Estate Agents will look for the quickest possible sale and the highest offer at the time from prospective buyers within their own business networks.

Feeling reluctant at the time this might mean that you may be softly persuaded to take a certain offer, which may be regretful in the future.

We aim for you not to rush and for you not to experience any of these remorseful feelings and give you the options to consider all your favourable offers generated from a wider range of different networks of prospective buyers.


Sell with comfort and ease

Going through the necessary or unnecessary sale of a property asset can be a frustrating process.

With our Owner-Sell Homes service, we aim to make the process and transition one that is seamless, painless and stress-free.

  • Save thousands of dollars in traditional Real Estate Agent’s commissions and fees
  • Engage a professional Home Stylist and Photographer to give your property a semi or full pre-sale ‘marketing makeover’
  • Our service is transparent and you are supported throughout the entire process

There are two levels of services available:

Do it Yourself

This option gives you a chance to liaise with all your potential buyers directly. We provide you with our specially designed kit, tools and step-by-step resource guides that will successfully help you at every stage of the process.

Let us do it

We act like a Sellers Advocate, who will be your Home or Property’s Support Manager . On your behalf we handle all your inspections and collate all your offerings, from initial appraisal right through to settlement. We take care of it all!

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