By turning your home into a Green Home, not only will it become more energy efficient and benefit the environment, but it will improve the quality of your life and health.

From a fully self-sustained, off-the-grid Enviro-Home to turning your new home or renovated home into a 6 Star energy-saving machine, you can do your bit for the environment.

Reduce your energy bills

The cost of energy will continue to increase over time. More and more individuals and families are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints, and also of ways to reduce household running costs. Switching to solar power and LED lighting are just a couple of ways of contributing toward a smaller electricity bill while helping the environment at the same time.

Reduce carbon emissions

In simple terms, the less we use, the less we make. Although the world’s population continues to grow, as a human race we are now constantly looking for ways to reduce, reuse or recycle our resources, especially our carbon emissions. Whether you are an advocate for positive environmental change or someone who doesn’t fully understand the effects of climate change on the planet and what that means in the bigger scheme of things, one thing for sure, is that we all need to play a part to help balance the planet’s health.

At Fernmark Property Group, we offer a range of products from our approved suppliers that will help you to make a big difference to your property and to the environment.

Reduce the impacts of climate change on your home

Whether you decide to build a new home or renovate an existing property, then be sure to speak to our team of registered building practitioners to discuss ways of making your home more resilient to climate change. Why not protect your home, and reduce your energy bills while adding value to it?

  • Energy Rating Insulation
  • Solar Panels / Water Heating
  • Water Tanks and Bladders
  • Grey Water Tanks
  • LED Lighting & Fittings
  • Window Tinting & Double Glazed Windows
  • Urban / Rooftop and Backyard Farms
  • Worm Farms, Compost Bins & Water Filtration Systems
  • Greenhouses
  • Contiki-Holiday Homes (Converted Shipping Containers)
  • Full design and customisation of your new home plans

Walking into a fully “Green” home gives a peaceful, calming sensation that helps ground and balance you as you move through it. Just knowing your home is benefiting the environment is a priceless feeling in itself.

Whether you are an owner-occupier or lease a property, there are a number of things that can be done (with permission if required), to turn your home into a cost-effective and cost efficient dwelling. We can customise a quote to suit your lifestyle, needs and work within set budgets. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation quote with one of our Green Homes consultants.

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