Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is Fernmark Property Group Services available throughout Australia?
Fernmark Property Group is growing day by day, we offer several of our blanket services across all Australian states, such as; New Homes and Managed Homes.

We utilise established partnerships with local trades and builders and aim to support Australia’s local job and employment economies. Once we establish a Fernmark Operator within a specific region, then all our services will naturally and organically expand in time within that region.


2. What services are available outside of Australia?
Fernmark Property Group is extending its reach into other market spaces and also attracting new investments opportunities onto our shores, we offer several of our services to global investor and migration markets.


3. How else can Fernmark Property Group help me with purchasing property?
Fernmark Property Group offers various additional services within our network and affiliate partnerships and alliances. This includes Property Investment opportunities to off shore investors, access to mortgage brokers, auctioneers, accountants, local area and investment specialists, property and construction lawyers, conveyancers, group investment clubs and joint venture opportunities.


4. Does Fernmark Property Group sell established homes?
Fernmark Property Group is not a traditional licenced real estate agency. However established homes are available directly through Vendors that use our Ownersell Service which may allow better financial leeway and negotiations between Vendors and Buyers, and also supports their local community at the same time. Furthermore we have Real Estate Advocates that may be able to assist with the processes, many of whom hold industry experience, whom also hold certificates in Property Services.


5. Does Fernmark Property Group work with Local Estate Agents?
Fernmark Property Group is a strong supporter of good networking practices. Many of our services are available through partnered Real Estate Agencies for their client buyers.

We work also with some agents who have brought their clients to us based on what we have to offer their needs at various times, furthermore we have developed our own signature house and land package range that will be rolled out at various partnered local Real Estate Agencies.


6. What are the process and the terms and conditions of purchasing off-the-plan properties with Fernmark Property Group?
The purchase of buying off the plan through Fernmark Property Group involves dealing with premium well established, insured and ethical Real Estate and Property Builders and Developers. Purchasing is a two (2) stage process where at stage one (1) a deposit is paid along with an unconditional contractual agreement, then a at stage (2) the remaining balance of the purchase price is paid upon settlement of the property.