Does our Financial Health affect our Physical, Mental & General Health?

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After almost 20 years of literally helping thousands of individuals with their Physical and Health needs in Gyms and Studios that I’ve help manage and operate, I decided to venture out and see where else I could help people along with further helping my own family as well. So I made the move in continuing to help people in another area of health, this being their Financial Health through property and debt reduction – This was a no brainer as along with helping others I had a keen interest and passion for Property and a strong Family Background in it in various forms.

Over the years I noticed a pattern working in and for various gyms across Australia and in the health and fitness space as a whole, and that is, that the most common causes of ‘stress and relationship breakdowns’ that directly also impact our physical and mental health stems from our varying levels of ‘financial health’ – this is one of the main reasons why I co-founded Fernmark Property Group.

For those that know me or have worked or socialised with me over the years you may remember that I am extremely passionate about helping others, especially helping individuals move forward in their life journeys and achieve overall health on many levels – physical, mental, social and now financial.

At this stage in life, whether you’re single, coupled, married, separated, divorced or have a growing family, I am here to help reduce financial stress through finding you great house and land package deals, a first home, an investment property or even assist with debt elimination or finance and re-financing solutions through my team.

So please see some of our offerings across Melbourne or Regional Victoria that may benefit you or someone you may know.
As a thank you for your support over the years gone by, I have organised a special referral offer – being that anyone from your referral that engages our service through to settlement, you will receive a $5,000.00 travel voucher for a travel agency of your choice!

I look forward to re-connecting and helping you and anyone in your family again.

Rick Fernandez

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