The founders of Fernmark Property Group have always had a strong, undying passion for all things property. The look, feel, uniqueness, and the ability for property to constantly evolve and reinvent creates enormous feelings of pride in us – this is why we love your home as much as you do.

We simply love property and we want to take the hassle of property purchasing, management and maintenance away from you, so that you can enjoy and love your home. It’s this passion that has seen us establish long-standing family-like ties with past clients and property and real estate professionals.

It is this passion that made us realise that planning, building and construction need not to be separate from property management and maintenance allowing us to be an all in one property service for our prospective client buyers, investors and home buyers.

In fact, it was the merging of these two relationships that was the pinnacle foundation of the formation of Fernmark Property Group. We came together to offer a unique all-in-one service simply so that all our clients could love their property and leave the hard work to us.

Doing what we do, we look forward to building our reputation as future leaders in property services and property management in Melbourne.